Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Kim's Story

Hello. I was diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension in June,2008. This cameafter 2 years of shortness of breath, weight gain due to intolerance toexercise, frequent chest pain, fatigue to the point that I took a nap everychance I got and was unable to care for my family let alone my ownactivities of daily living..I kept going to my doctors and they kept sayingI must get the weight off. I was so discouraged because I would try so hardand the scale would not budge. I was a nurse with 32 years of wxperience andhalf believed that I was "just out of shape". I worked 12-13 hour shifts 2days a week till June..on my off days I could barely get up often sleepingin the lazyboy chair..My family was supportive..I don't know what I would'vedone had they not been..I had never seen pulmonary hypertension listed as adiagnosis and hap to look it up when my diagnosis was given..you see mycardiologist told me "you have pulmonary hypertension during the latter partof a cardiac cath...that was all the explanation I got-he left..I wasreferred to a pulmonologist a week later- you can only imagine what I wentthrough with the wait. I looked this up on the web and was thankful that Ifound the pha association website..I was given much info from people whohave gone through oh so much with this menace of a disease. I did see a phspecialist under the encouragement of the ph friends on this website..he wasable to help my symptoms with medication....5 months after diagnosis I havemany more good days...in June I really didn't think I would make it tillJuly..the shortness of breath was severe, leaving the house was dreadedsince I could not breath in the humidity..My son's wedding was in June and Ican barely remember it because I kept thinking I was going to collapse..Ihave sleep apnea and atrial fibrillation(which is controlled with meds) andI use a cpap machine to sleep at night. The doctors think my sleep apnea wascaused by my obesity and sleep apnea..I never smoked or took illlicit durgs,never had asthma ..never did I dream that I would have this . When you seeme park in a handicap parking spot you may not recognize me. You may think Idon't deserve to park there, trust me looks are deceiving. You can't lookat someone and know how sick they are. I have learned to cherish each momentof my day, my family,my friends..each experience...God's word says to Bestill and know that I am God. Yes I give thanks to God because He is withmethrough it all. A lot of people are on oxygen, lung transplant lists andiv meds to give them hope..and yes we do have HOPE..we need for people to bemade aware of this ilness so more research can be done to find a cure. Nowthe only cure is a lung transplant and often a heart is needed as well.Go totje phassociation website and learn more about this disease. I am sure thereare many people who have this that have not been diagnosed, meaniong they donot have access to proper treatment..Please learn more and help us to haveHOPE.


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Annette Markin said...

Kim, thank you so very much for sharing your story. You've touched many lives by taking the time to do this. Thank you.
a phriend,